Belly Dance

The focus of this class will be the six foundational “holding steps” of Jasmine Tribe format, and transitions between them, allowing us to dance together quickly. From there we’ll advance to tight-follow vocabulary, making use of a couple choreographies to develop movement. Please wear clothes that move more than you do, your favorite reusable water bottle, and (if you have them) finger cymbals and a yoga mat. Feel free to dress dance-ish for class, or not – whichever will help you get into an adventurous, community spirit.

Wednesdayss, 7pm, 1 hour. $12/class, $40/set of 4.

Mary belly dance 1.png
Belly dance mary collins.jpg

Dhuma at Rachel Brice's Culmination intensive (far right), Datura Studio, June, 2015. Photo by Little Scarab Productions."