MWF 6:00 AM, T/TH 5:15 PM

Joyful Yoga is a an ecclectic "general purpose" yoga class incorporating postures and techniques from a wide variety of traditional and modern yoga practices, as well as other traditions such as QiGong and Pilates. Each class is tailor made to the students in the room on that day, and the instructor tries really hard to help each student progress towards their own goals.


Generally speaking this class has a large focus on strength, balance, and mindfullness. It is a secular yoga class, and we do not do chanting, etc. We do touch briefly on yogic philosophy, and begin class with a brief meditation period, and end with a traditionalish Savasana, or corpse pose. 


The Instructor for this class affectionately describes it as "yoga for people with ADHD"! We tend to progress relatively quickly from pose to pose, with a running commentary and attempts at humor scattered throughout the class. 


Joyful Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:15-6:30 PM

Cost: $8/class

This class is an eclectic mix of yoga postures and transitions drawn from traditional and modern yoga styles. This class is made up on the spot, based on the students in the class that day. This allows the teacher to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and help students progress towards their goals. This is a “secular” yoga class, with no chanting, etc. Though we do use a mindfulness approach to our practice, this class is fairly low on the “zen” scale. It does feature a playful, relaxed, yet challenging atmosphere. Emphasis is on strength, balance, prehabilitation, and flexibility, with frequent transition between floor and standing poses. 

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