Kids Aged 11-17. A salad approach to the traditional martial arts of Okinawa, China, and Japan and the US. This class include warm-ups, basic techniques, forms and kata, application and some sparring. We will touch on the cultural significance of each art, and explore some of the pliosophies underpinning each one. Students will progress through colored belt ranks. Continuing students may learn traditional weapons forms as well as empty handed forms. Performances and competition might be an option as well, TBD.

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Novice level Requirements:

1. Fukyugata Ich (Okinawan Karate)

2. Fukyugata Ni (Okinawan Karate)

3. Baag Yun Tou Toe (Northern Praying Mantis) 

White Level Requirements

1. Pinan Shodan (Okinawan Karate)

2. Short Form Two (American Kenpo)

3. Tan Tuy (Northern Shaolin)

Yellow Level Requirements

1. Pinan Nidan (Okinawan Karate)

2. Bung Bo (Northern Praying Mantis) 

3. Naihanchi Shodan (Okinawan Karate) 

Orange Level Requirements

1. Lien Bu Chuan (Northern Shaolin)

2. Pinan Sandan (Northern Shaolin) 

3, Lau gar Kuen

Green Level Requirements

1. Pinan Yondan (Okinawan Karate)

2. Chop Choy (Northern Praying Mantis

3. Gung Li Chuan (Northern Shaolin)

Purple Level Requirements:

1. Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kuen (Hung Gar Kung Fu)

2. Pinan Godan (Okinawan Karate)

3. Baag Yun Tsudd Dung (Northern Praying Mantis)

Blue Level Requirements:

1. Bassai Dai (Shotokan Karate)

2. Ananku (Okinawan Karate)

3. Siu Min Jeung (Northern Eagle Claw)

Brown level Requirements:

1. Fu Hoc sheung Yeung Kuen (Hung Gar Kung Fu)

2. Hangetsu (Shotokan Karate

3. Sip Pa Sau (Northern Praying Mantis

Red Level Requirements:

1. Five Animals (Northern Shaolin)

2. Jeet Kune (Northern Eagle Claw)

3. T'ang L'ang Moi Fa (Northern Praying Mantis