You have been lied to. The Lie has been spread unknowingly by our culture; by our schools, by our leaders, by our friends and families. The Lie has to do with who you really are. The Lie says that you are somehow LESS than. That you are not good enough. The Lie says that you should live your life afraid, untrusting, and unhappy. The Lie says you are powerless, and that your well-being is dependent on those who are, somehow, MORE than.

The Truth is that you are not less than. The Truth is that you are Amazing. The Truth is that your soul occupies a body that is unbelievably awesome. The Truth is that the same blood that fills the veins of heroes flows through your body. Children know it and forget as they enter the "real" world full of doubts and fears, guilt and shame. The Truth is that we are meant not merely to "live," but to thrive! The time has come to claim your birthright! And so, begins our rebellion!

We reject the attitude that we are powerless as we become stronger. We step out from under the weight of guilt and shame as we recognize the divinity that dwells within us. We will no longer buy into fear and doubt, nor will we pay for those fears with inaction based on fear. As we gently, but firmly with unshakable resolve, reclaim the sovereignty over our lives and bodies, we declare our independence over those individuals and power structures who would, knowingly or otherwise, hold us back from the joy that is ours by birthright.


And so, we lift our heads, even as we ground our feet. From sighs of resignation, we move towards breathless excitement. As the scars of old "can'ts" heal, we find rapture in movement and peace in our breath. Our bodies move, each step and gesture an offering, and we find bliss and joy in our stirrings! Rise up!