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Jujitsu, a traditional Japanese martial art, is the forefather of modern martial arts styles such as Aikido, Judo and Hapkido.

Jujitsu students learn to avoid conflict whenever possible. They also learn to take control of difficult situations and to mitigate the threat to their personal safety when violence is unavoidable.

Rather than meeting force with force, students learn the use of circular motion and redirection of an attacker's energy. This helps neutralize an opponent’s size/strength advantage.  (Note: although traditional Jujitsu and Judo include techniques for fighting while laying on the mat, our instruction is not to be confused with Brazilian Jujitsu or BJJ, which is a separate discipline).

Class times are:

Monday and Wednesday - 5:30pm to 6:30pm



  • Must join the US Judo Association.  Yearly dues are $50.   (This includes insurance.) Membership also entitles the student to official rank advancements (belts) registered with the USJA.

  • Prefer that students purchase a training uniform (gi).  One can be purchased on-line for about $40. Ask for recommendations before buying one.  Such a uniform will last for several years.  If you don’t have the money at the moment, you can use sweatpants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt.

  • Dues are $5/week for individuals, $5/class for families. (the best buy in town for martial arts training.) If anyone has trouble making the dues, talk to one of the instructors.  We can make scholarships available in return for charitable service. 

  • Children mature enough to pay attention and participate are welcome however, at least one parent must take the class with them. 

  • If a student participates continuously for one year, and pays dues regularly, the club will pay for USJA membership, belt advancements and uniforms thereafter. 



Some unique features of our club:

  1. Free instruction. We teach/learn for jita kyoei (mutual benefit).  You provide the work for advancements, but the belts are provided by the club.  We operate like a simplified non-profit such that dues are to cover expenses only.  Once a balance has been accumulated sufficient to pay our rent and other expenses for a time, dues may be suspended until we need money again.

  2. You determine the content and intensity of your workout.  No one will be asked to do anything they are uncomfortable with.  You are always welcome to stand out and watch.  If you want to work on particular techniques, just ask. 

  3. We have 3 criteria for each meeting:

    • Be safe – To the greatest extent possible, prevent injury.  We attempt to avoid techniques that are difficult to control or inherently dangerous.

    • Get a good workout – No one in the fitness center sweats more than we do! J

    • Have fun and learn something new.  It’s a workout routine with a great number of techniques and endless variations that is enough fun to keep your interest for life.

  4. If a student is interested, local competition is available. 

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