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Personal Training

I'm super excited to help you find a greater awareness of your inner awesome! I promise that I won't EVER waste your time with treadmills, bikes, etc, (You can do those on your own time). I also promise that I'll never try to sell you potions, drinks pills or whatever to enhance your workouts. What I will do is help you design a program that will help you reach whatever goal YOU choose. I will encourage you, gently push you, spot you, and generally make sure you're safe and happy when it's over. (No guarantees about when it's happening!) I will also make sure you understand how to best recover from our workouts! 

I am something of a night owl, LATE night training session are totally fine with me! 

Personal Training Rates:

Training at studio: $25 /session (usually a little over an hour)

Training at studio if my 10 month old son is there, $15/session (Surprise discount!)

Training at your home: $40 a session

As a bonus, You can take any of my yoga classes for FREE,  during any week we have a training session! 

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