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The Revolution, Renewed

Hey! It's Peter, the owner of the studio. I have decided to start writing a blog. I made an earlier attempt to start one that fizzled. Anyway, since this is a new beginning of a thing that once existed, I thought I would take some time to talk about why I opened a Yoga/Dance/Martial arts studio, and a little bit about what it's turned into.

From the beginning of the studio, we have been all about PLAY. I encourage my martial arts and yoga students to think about young children and animals. They don't care if they're any GOOD at playing. That puppy doesn't care if it wins or not, it's happy that you're throwing the ball for him! Likewise, that same puppy doesn't care if it's a male or female throwing that ball. They just play. They're not even (And from a traditional yoga point of view, this is important) worried about the results of their playing. Sure, they'll get strong, and their strength might improve, and they'll learn valuable dog skills. But IN THAT MOMENT, They're just playing.

So, I opened a studio where I wanted to attitude to be one of playfullness. It doesn't matter if you're any good at yoga. It doesn't matter if you can touch your toes, or even see your toes. What matters is that if you want to take a yoga class, YOU SHOULD TAKE A YOGA CLASS. If you want to take a Zumba class, DO IT. Have a blast! If you want to hang out with people and make cool human structures while standing on your friends, What's stopping you?

We know, actually what stops people. There are these voices, in our heads, in our hearts. It's hard to tell where the voices originate, but their message is clear. They don't want you to know how awesome you are. That voice that tells men that yoga is for girls? Or that voice that says that rolling on the floor, laughing is something only kids should do. Or the idea that women and girls can't be strong or fierce. Those voices hold us down. They keep us from discovering parts of ourselves that we knew as little kids.

So, You, dear reader have your part to play in our little uprising. Which voice are you gonna listen to? The one that says you can't, or shouldn't? Or the one that says that it sure looks like something you might LOVE if you'd only let yourself be child-like.

For our part, We do our best to give you fun, quirky classes. And we try our hardest to make sure there are as few obstacles as possible. Sure, we have to pay the bills, and we want our teachers to be fairly paid for their time. But we're not out to make a fortune. We're out to change the world, one heart, one smile, one body at a time.


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