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KFC! (Kula, Family, Community)

Hey Everyone! This month, I wanted to talk about community. We're coming up on the holidays, and lots of us are getting together with friends and family. (though it's good to keep in mind, that many are not..... sometimes these happy occasions are really hard for some people) It made me think about our studio family.

I come from a martial arts background. I have very fond memories of going to class, working hard, sweating with, and sometimes on my class mates, and sharing this sense that we all shared a common bond. We were slap each other on the back, congratulate each other, and sometimes inspire each other to reach a little further.

That kind of bond is not unique to martial arts classes. It happens in Yoga classes, It happens in zumba and Insanity. And it certainly happens at Acro and martial arts classes. I get that sometimes people just want to come, workout and leave. But I know LOTS of people would love to feel a deeper connection to other people. That's one of the things we try to foster at the studio, is that sense of connection, of community.

Try this next time you're at class. Between sets, or songs, or whatever, introduce yourself, and give someone a high five. At the end of class, find someone you don't know and tell them they were awesome. Really, try it! Find something positive to say. You'll likely get a feel good feeling, and you'll help encourage someone. And EVERYONE needs encouragement sometimes. Encouraging others is one end of the community stick.

The other end of the stick is accepting and sometimes even asking for that same support. And sometimes that means you have to come to class, when you don't feel like it. I, personally, have NEVER regretted going to a class after it was done. I have often regretted NOT going when I was stressed out, or sad, or angry or whatever. Movement is good for our emotional selves. But being with supportive, awesome people, is even better.

It could be, that when you're not at class, someone misses out on your experience. Maybe you secretly inspire someone. Or maybe someone just enjoys being with you. At Wednesday night Acro, often 1 person being gone means two people have to wait for a partner to do something. And have you ever beein in a class where it's just a couple of people? SO AWKWARD! You can help other people in your studio family, JUST BY SHOWING UP! Truth!

So, this month, I encourage everyone, make a new friend. Share their struggle, even if it's a fun one! Share your success with them! The studio is sort of a Microcosm for real life. And we're all in this thing, Real Life, together. As Bill and Ted said: "Be excleelent to each other:.


Peter and the RUF Teacher Posse

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