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Meh, Blah, Ugh

It's almost universally true that the hardest part of a fitness routine is getting started. (Many folks NEVER take that first step!). So, if you're reading this, you're likely ahead of the curve! THe second hardest thing though is keeping it up on those days where you feel "Meh" "Blah: or even "Ugh". Here's some tips to help you keep going. Important note! One of the biggest thinking errors in fitness is "All or nothing" thinking. It's best if you get the whole workout in, but if you really can only do part of it, it's still better than nothing.

Who's in charge here anyway? Yoga teaches us that we are NOT our bodies, and we are also NOT our feelings. We ride around in one, and the other is a feedback system designed to inform us about the world. In neither case should we put our body or feelings in charge. If you are the type of person who can just Suck it up and soldier on, You need read no further

Esprit D'Corps: There are SO many reasons for doping things with one or more partners. Maybe chiefest of these is the sense of teamwork, and mutual support you can derive from it. If you don't go, you're team misses out on your input, your strengths, and your unique point of view.

Just put your toes in! THis is my personal favorite tip. Sometimes, the size/duration/intensity of a workout or class is the daunting part. In these cases, I find if I just resolve myself to go, and start with an "easy" part of the larger whole, it's easier to get going. (I frequently warm up with little fussy things, like biceps, neck, before leg day, which I enjoy while I'm doing, but dread beforehand.). Once I'm warm, and I have those endorphins flowing, the rest of the workout is less dreadful.

Twist the Plot! Sometimes, you’re injured. Sometimes you got an hour of sleep, and you’re honestly not up to the workout you had scheduled. It’s okay to do a different thing. (But remember that not all workouts benefit all goals in the same way. A ballet-booty class is unlikely to help you’re powerlifting performance, but it’s better than the couch, a bowl of chips and reruns of star-trek.

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